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Wheelchair accessibility

ADA Access

There is plenty of parking on our street.  But, please make note of our steep curbs.  Our street is in a flood zone so wheelchair access may be challenging for some. (Note picture to the right.)  If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at: (602) 824-2385 or email:  We also have ADA parking in the rear of the property. (More details below.)

Garden Bar PHX ADA Access


We have a ramp in the front with access to the bar.  We also have a ramp in the rear of the property, accessible to the ADA Parking.  See images.

Garden Bar PHX front ADA access

Ramp, accessible from the front entrance.  North side of the property.

Garden Bar PHX rear ADA access

Ramp, located in the rear of the property.  Image looks at ADA gate entrance.

Garden Bar PHX rear ramp ada access

Ramp, rear entrance.  POV from ADA parking entrance.

ADA Parking / Rear Entrance

We have one ADA parking space in the rear of the property that is big enough for a van, truck or small shuttle. Easiest to access the alley from McKinley.

Garden Bar PHX ADA parking

ADA Parking space

Garden Bar PHX ADA access parking entrance

Image of gate from alley.

Garden Bar PHX alley entrance

Image looking at alley entrance from McKinley (looking north.)

Construction warning


Due to the Chick-Fil-A construction on 7th Ave and across the alley from our property, we are keeping our gate closed for safety of our guests.  Please call ahead of time (or add to your reservation "ADA parking request" so we can have the gate open for you and ask the construction workers to move any vehicles blocking the alley entrance, as needed.   

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